It all started at the Code4Good Space Hackathon! Hosted in Queen’s Computer Science Building, Belfast. It was here we started brainstorming and some researching. We looked at how farmers traditionally survey their crops & discovered Drone and Aircraft were the most streamline methods…

However, they’re:

  • Expensive
  • Time Consuming
  • Increased risks

Our idea for – crop surveying using satellite data popped up and we took off from there. Our team took home prizes for the ‘Best Use of Data’.

We started AngelHack’s Hackcelerator 2018 program after winning their global city series Hackathon in Dublin. We continued user research and found out farmers are paying up to £30 per acre to be manually surveyed, one farm even had 38 acres! Even more traditional than drones and aircraft methods…

Through our research into competitors, we noticed consistent flaws in each platform, solutions which were not tailored to landowners with smaller farms. Using lower resolution images, smaller plots of land cannot be surveyed accurately.

Our web app, CropSafe will uniquely use Artificial intelligence, a machine learning model which can accurately identify possible contaminations and diseases. We will identify early onsets of disease on a microscale. This will be perfectly tailored to any farmers needs, especially small farmers. Crop safe will also use a chat forum to interconnect the farming community – sharing ideas and rating our mitigation solutions.

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