Agriculture within an Economy is essential.

Less developed countries have come to realize in recent years that over industrialization without an equally advanced and efficient agricultural sector culminates to nothing.
Incidentally in order, if the process of economic development is to become self-sustaining it must start with agricultural advancements.
As evidence of this, the world’s leading economies all have (or previously had) self-sustaining widened economic growth attributed mainly because of their agricultural pushes as well as industry advancements.
With a rapidly increasing global population, it can only be deduced that this will lead to more mouths to feed and thus providing surges in the necessity of agriculture revolution and consequently the economical positive externalities from this.
The specific economic growth can also be attributed to the refinement of another one of the 4 factors of production which would be Labour. In Tanzania, 75% of the labor force results around agricultural industries alone. Obviously, a growing industry will also require a larger labor force once again highlighting the spillover effect of agriculture.
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