It’s been just over 5 months since our initial idea of CropSafe was born, a simple crop surveying platform utilizing machine learning and satellite imagery, sparked by our ideas at a local Hackathon.
Over the next few months, the CropSafe team will be working on developing the initial release of our application to beta test with local farmers in our area. We’re currently looking for any crop farmers based in Northern Ireland to provide feedback to test our application.
Thank you to everyone at Code4GoodNI, Kainos, Founders Factory, Future Summits, Google and AngelHack with the help and support with CropSafe so far. We will be working with AngelHack’s Hackcelerator over the next few weeks, developing, researching and pushing our application to market.
We’re looking forward to what we have to present later this year…
– The CropSafe Team | John, Micheal & Rory
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