Crop contamination and diseases have a much more resounding impact upon you and our economy on the whole than you may think.

Agricultural production is often considered the backbone of the modern economy always ensuring we have enough supply to meet demand. However what effect does this have when Supply fails to meet Demand? More than you may think.

Plant disease reduces the quality and production of food, fiber and biofuel crops. Losses may be catastrophic, but on average account for 42% of the production of the six most important food crops. This as a massive amount reduced and it is estimated that this would be enough food to last homeless people in New York, Washington DC and California for a week.

This also accounts for massive amounts in lost government revenue through income taxation etc. This means that millions of pounds could have been re-invested into much more necessary areas such as Education or Healthcare.

Altogether this highlights how major the problem of contaminations within agriculture really is and therefore how a change needs to be made. Some would say the time for an agricultural revolution is now!

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